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New road traffic regulations Scheuer want to defuse penalties again.

As of May 14, 2020, 9:33 p.m..

The tougher penalties for traffic offenses have not been in force for three weeks, since the responsible Federal Minister Scheuer apparently wants to defuse them again: The ministry is working on a new version. For reasons of justice.

The Federal Ministry of Transport apparently wants to defuse the new road traffic regulations that have just come into force. According to information from the dpa news agency, it is about a revision of the catalog of fines – especially the rule that there is now a one-month driving ban if you drive 21 kilometers per hour too fast in town or 26 out of town. This regulation is disproportionate, according to the ministry.

That causes great excitement among motorists, quotes dpa employees of the department. Reference was made, for example, to a petition entitled “Undo the driving license trap of the StVO amendment”, which has more than 135,000 supporters. With one change the acceptance of the citizens and the sense of justice should be restored. What that http://main-news.website/there-are-already-rumors-that-the-amd-cards-are/ means in detail is open.

However, the ministry of the CSU politician has already approached the federal states in order to get their approval for the implementation.

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer apparently wants to defuse the new catalog of fines.

The Federal Council had tightened Scheuer’s proposal.

The changes to the road traffic regulations only came into force at the end of April. In February, the Federal Council tightened Scheuer’s bill on many points, including the rule on driving bans for speeders. Scheuer had nevertheless put the amended ordinance into force – the alternative would have been to withdraw it completely first.

The main focus of the new road rules is actually better protection of cyclists, especially in cities. Among other things, cars are no longer allowed to stop on protective bicycle lanes – until now only parking was prohibited there, but stopping was allowed. Since April 28, a minimum distance of 1.50 meters in urban areas and two meters outside of town has been prescribed for overtaking cyclists.

Trucks over 3.5 tonnes have to drive at walking pace when turning right in urban areas if bicycle or pedestrian traffic is to be expected.

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