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Eastern Cape – JB Marks Education Trust Fund in partnership with Postbank South Africa activated a two-day event from Monday, 29 to Tuesday, 30 May at Mbabalana Senior Primary School where they gave away one year’s worth of sanitary towels to a total of 300 school girls.

Mbabalana Senior Secondary School, located in Libode District in the Eastern Cape has been identified by JB Marks as one of the most disadvantaged Schools in South Africa that needs combined intervention from the government, the community, corporate South Africa and individuals.  The school caters for learners between grade one and eight from the community of Mbabalana; they have a total of nine teachers, three of whom are members of the School Governing Body and whose salaries are paid for by the community itself.

Mbabalana learners have been taught in classes originally built in mud and sticks for years – classrooms that they have maintained with contributions from the community.  Recently, the school built new classes for their learners with contributions and donations from parents and the community. JB Marks Education Trust Fund has adopted this school and is raising funds to improve the new classrooms and build them a media centre.

Sanitary towels are just one of the many needs of the school, amongst other things, including chairs and tables, library books, school uniforms and shoes. Most of their parents are unemployed, so many of the children often go without food.

In recognition of the adversity faced by these learners, Postbank South Africa was happy to come on board and contribute as much as they could. They gave away sanitary pads, caps, bags and money-saving boxes to their entire school. “We find that there is nothing more fulfilling than putting a smile on a child’s face and that is one of the things we thrive on at Postbank as one of our CSI projects. Contributing to the livelihood of children and finding ways to improve their lives. We ran a financial education program on the second day which went exceptionally well and hopefully, we will see the rewards of that in the long run” stated Setabo Modiba, Customer Segments Manager at Postbank.

Welsina Sekanka, Alumni Relations Officer at JB Marks elaborated that it is partnerships with organisations such as Postbank that are essential to making these community outreach programs effective and impactful. “We need companies to come on board and donate whatever they have that could change schools like Mbabalana Senior Primary for the better. We have asked our alumni to donate a R100 or any amount they are able, towards sanitary towels. We still need laptops, school uniform, tables, chairs, and shoes and absolutely anyone can contribute – all donations are welcome” Sekanka explained.

JB Marks hopes that raising awareness about the needs of schools like Mbabalana will get ordinary South Africans involved and encourage them to make a difference in their own communities.

To reach Mbabalana directly, people can contact the school’s principal, Mr Zozi on 083 520 4073.

For more information about JB Marks Education Trust Fund, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages @JB Marks Education Trust Fund and @JBMarksEdu_TF or visit them on WWW.JBMARKSEDUTRUST.CO.ZA

For more information about Postbank South Africa, visit WWW.POSTBANK.CO.ZA

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