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Welcome to JB Marks Alumni

JB Marks Alumni were previously known as The Core Team when the group was first established back in 2008. The Alumni are all beneficiaries who graduated after receiving funding from JB Marks Education Trust Fund. Every two years, the alumni elects a leadership executive team at the annual general meeting to lead alumni initiatives under six portfolios.

About Us

Over the years, the team has evolved with changing times to make it more adaptable and inclusive of all alumni.

Any JB Marks Alumnus can participate in any of the initiatives whenever they are available. Events are announced on the alumni social media pages and in the alumni WhatsApp group. To join, graduates can simply contact the Alumni Relations Officer and ask to be added onto the WhatsApp group.

Alumni in Action Video

As Alumni, we give our hearts, our time and our smiles to make children who lost their families feel loved and seen. See how played at Amazing Grace Children’s Home .

Community Upliftment
Awards Ceremony
JB Marks Exit Workshops

Community Upliftment

We also foster community development through outreach efforts and our annual JB Marks Career Expo. The expo speaks to learners in grades 9 to 12 in selected areas. We outline opportunities and reinforce the sense of purpose of young people who are eager to enter the jobs market and help their families combat poverty.

JB Marks Awards Ceremony

JB Marks Educational Trust Fund holds its annual awards ceremony in Johannesburg. This event is aimed at celebrating and encouraging students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have been granted a bursary by the trust fund. The awards recognise the hard work and commitment shown by the students towards their studies throughout the year.

JB Marks Exit Workshops

Each year, the JB Marks Education Trust Fund holds a week-long Induction workshop in January for all its new beneficiaries. The program is a personal and professional effectiveness program with three key themes that form the basis of the workshop: Self-empowerment, “Teamness” and Effectiveness.

The Induction Workshop forms part of the Trust’s capacity-building programs that aim to empower JB Marks beneficiaries with soft skills that will give them an advantage in their future careers. Moreover, this initiative goes a long way towards levelling the plane field for beneficiaries, most of whom come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, in rural areas across South Africa. Due to that, most of them find it difficult to transition into tertiary, away from home and everything they know.