+27 (011) 492-0601 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 3rd Floor Alris Building, 3 Rissik Street Johannesburg, 2001
+27 (011) 492-0601 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 3rd Floor Alris Building, 3 Rissik Street Johannesburg, 2001
Trust Reg No:
IT 3460/2010

Compassion and Care

For our beneficiaries and their communities

Integrity and Transparency

In all our dealings to stakeholders and partners

Diligence and Hardwork

In the fulfillment of our mandate

Our Story


Welcome to JB Marks Education Trust Fund

The JB Marks Education Trust Fund was set up by  NUM in 1997 to empower members and their dependents, particularly graduates entering the mining and related sectors. We are named after John Beaver Marks, a leading figure in the mineworkers’ struggle against exploitation. He was a vocal advocate of education as an empowerment tool and a vital weapon in the fight against poverty.

In our first year we could only help 53 beneficiaries. Our work has massively expanded since then and an important milestone was reached in 2017 when we became a 100% self-administered fund.


Capacity Building Through Education

Our fund gives financial support to those who otherwise could not afford a proper education leading to professional qualification and fulfilling careers, chiefly in the mining and related sectors.

Historically, our fund assisted members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), dependants. This has been widened to those connected to the mining, energy and constructor sectors.

To learn more or to apply for a bursary, you simply get in touch. Contact details are given at the end of this brochure. Our staff can then determine whether you comply with our selection criteria.

As a registered Trust, we have a duty to ensure funds are used effectively and in accordance with our stated mission. Funding may therefore be declined if a course of study falls outside our mandate.

We also foster community development through outreach efforts and our annual JB Marks Career Expo.The expo speaks to learners in grades 9 to 12 in selected areas.

We receive funding from various parties. Initially, the Mineworkers Investment Trust provided most of the money, thanks to support from the Mineworkers Investment Company.

Our Gallery

View our latest Media Gallery that captures our latest activities and programs

Careers & Jobs

We have posted some of the job openings for our graduates. We help you connect with the most recent career opportunities available in your industry. We will also supply with a one stop shop for various job opportunities in different industries, thereby making your job search easier and more convenient.


  • What #JBmarksDidForMe was to navigate my vision of being an extraordinary professional psych counselor and have confidence in myself @JBMarksEduTF you gave me the will to survive and prosper and @JBMarksAlumni you are a great team, continue to support and encourage others.

    Nompumelelo Matiso
  • What #JBmarksDidForMe was to change my life for the Good👨‍🎓. I may not be where I want to be right now but I’m definitely not where I was before @JbMarksEduTF.I thank you for all the opportunities 🙌🏾 @JBMarksAlumni you rock. I am a child of mine workers🙏😊🙏#JbMarksAlumni

    Melikhaya Soboyisi
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe JB Marks took me when i was doing my second year i almost dropped out due to outstanding fees & JB Marks was willing to balance my outstanding fees either way.. they took me to various workshops that groomed me into the graduate I am today, thank you

    Lerato Patricia Mohlala
  • What #JBmarksDidForMe was to change my life from a car guard to a Chartered Accountant @JbMarksEduTF.I thank you for bringing hope to my family for a better life @JBMarksAlumni you are an amazing family that I will always cherish. 🙏😊🙏#JbMarksAlumni

    Sicelo Masuku
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to help me fight through my darkest days to earn the best days of my life, I honestly thought I wouldn’t finish my degree until @JBMarksEduTF pulled through, I vow to always give back because that’s what this place I call home taught me

  • What #JBmarksDidForMe was to grant me the opportunity to pursue my studies and become the best version of myself. @JBMarksEduTF you were a blessing and a pillar of strength through out my varsity experience. @JBMarksAlumni you are the true definition of “Charity Begins at Home”.

  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to give my dreams a chance. Thank you to the staff at the office for always being there when I needed them🌸. Makwande kuni nonke🙏🏼

  • Educate me
    Empower me

    Nandi Tselanyane
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to transform a village boy to a research scientist,
    you were a catalyst of change in the process and
    you were a family away from home and serving with you has been the highlight of my professional growth. #AChildOfAMineworker

  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was take a young township girl’s dream of oneday becoming an Engineer and turn it into a reality. Today I’m a senior Design Civil Engineer who’s fees were fully paid by
    . For this I’ll remain forever grateful!

  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to deliver me from the NSFAS, the “Results Withheld” situations, the “Rice and Mayonnaise” kinda meals, and all other financial difficulties faced by the students. Thank you so much
    I’m always grateful..
    I even went to ESTUARY

    Scelo Scizzy Mabika
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to give me an opportunity to be great!
    words cannot explain how grateful I am for the privilege, and
    You’ve been amazing Hugging face

    Nolu Hodana
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was to minimize the financial burden of a mine worker’s child and give me hope that I too can become a lawyer one day. Thank you
    for helping me realize my dream and thank you to the
    for being my family away from home.

    Proph. Sechaba
  • What #JBMarksdidforme was to give my parents a chance to see their last born graduate, TWICE!
    gave my parents the opportunity to finally have a child that graduated. Look, I could go on but Twitter doesn’t allow. #DankieJohnBeaver

  • What #JBMarksDidForMe JB Marks took me when i was doing my second year i almost dropped out due to outstanding fees & JB Marks was willing to balance my outstanding fees either way.. they took me to various workshops that groomed me into the graduate i am today, thank you Folded hands

    Lerato Patricia Mohlala
  • #JBMarksDidForMe what JB Marks did for me and is still doing for me brings tears to my eyes as i always dreamed of having a good education. JB Marks made that possibleRaising hands I am so grateful I am now an acting Senior Lecturer
    Tvet and heading for my honours in psychology.

    janine toffar
  • What #JBMarksDidForMe was life changing, I have brothers and sister from different backgrounds who have helped mould me into the person I am today, I learnt a lot and I always learn in the the presence of my brothers and sisters.

    Khotso M
  • What #JbMarksDidForMe was to help me honor my parents by being the first graduate in my family
    Thank you for giving my family permanent proud moments.
    Amandla✊🏾Awethu Thank you for reminding us of who we r, whr we come 4rm and whr we r gng. Siya’bonga

  • What #JBmarksDidForMe was help me secure both my undergraduate and honours degree… also helped becoming an active member in the community giving back..


    La Puta Ama..
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