JB Bursary Application Form

Before Proceeding!

NB! Please note the following before filling in the bursery aplication form:

  1. The bursery is open to only NUM members and their dependents (i.e. spouse and children).
  2. We pay out an amount which is determined by the course of studies of students who apply and meet the criteria depending on the availability of funds.
  3. Students who drop out within the first 6 months of study will be made to reimburse the bursery granted.
  4. Please check at your Regional Office if your name appears on the list of successful bursars at the beginning of December.
  5. If you have not received a JB Marks acceptance letter by the end of January or your name does not appear on the NUM regional list, you are unsuccessful.
  6. Closing date for all application forms is the 1st July of each year.
  7. Late and incomplete application forms will not be accepted.
  8. Should a beneficiary receive any other financial aid outside of the Trust, their bursary will be terminated and the beneficiary will be liable to reimburse the Trust all the monies already paid towards their studies.
  9. Indicate as to whether you are receiving any other financial assistance for your studies outside of the Trust.
  10. We provide funding only to Nationally recognised and registered Educational Institutions. (No Private Colleges).
  11. The bursary is not offered for post-graduate studies.
  12. Changing the course of study once the bursary is approved will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the bursary.
  13. For applicants who do not share their parent's surname, please upload proof of relationship, i.e. medical aid card or medical aid certificate, or Home Affairs to obtain a birth certificate that states your parent's details, or family court to get an affidavit. We do not accept any affidavit's from the police station as proof.

NB! Only successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Please ensure that you supply us with the correct postal address and email address

For assistance in completing this application, contact your nearest NUM Regional office.